Leawood Pumphouse

Leawood PumphouseLeawood Pumphouse was built in 1849 to pump water from the River Derwent into Cromford Canal.

It is now well over 150 years old but remains in pristine working condition thanks to the dedication of the Middleton Top and Leawood Pumphouse Volunteer Group. Experience the power of this great steam engine as it pumps four tons of water into the canal with each piston stroke.

Leawood Pumphouse has regular steaming dates throughout the year from Easter until October.

2016 Steamings

Easter: March Sunday 27th & Monday 28th
May Bank Holiday: May Sunday 1st & Monday 2nd
June (1st Weekend): June Saturday 4th & Sunday 5th
July (1st Sunday): July Sunday 3rd
August (1st Weekend): August Saturday 6th & Sunday 7th
August Bank Holiday: August Sunday 28th & Monday 29th
September: September Saturday 17th & Sunday 18th
October (1st Weekend): October Saturday 1st & Sunday 2nd
World Heritage Site Discovery Days: October Saturday 29th & Sunday 30th

Engine in motion 12noon – 5pm (except Discovery Days 11am – 4pm)

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Middleton Top – In Brief

Middleton Top is the last surviving complete winding engine house built by the Cromford & High Peak Railway Co and still contains its original pair of beam engines, built by the Butterley Company in 1829, together with its boilers and imposing chimney.

The winding engine at Middleton Top was the third one from the beginning of the line at High Peak Wharf on the Cromford Canal. The first two inclines achieved rises of 204 feet and 261 feet and Middleton lifted the line a further 253 feet to nearly 1,000 feet above sea level – and all in the distance of three and a half miles. Two more shallower inclines took the railway to its summit of 1,266 feet (990 feet above Cromford canal) before commencing its descent towards Whaley Bridge. Middleton incline was just over 700 yards long at an angle of 1 in 8¼, similar to the first two.

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  1. Vix 9th January 2016 at 11:03 pm - Reply

    Leawood Pumphouse is an amazing place. You can take a trip on the canal boat which stops outside and look around before heading back on the return trip.

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