Volunteers at Birdswood, Cromford Canal, Derbyshire

Volunteers at Birdswood

Volunteering at BirdswoodBirdswood is growing as a public attraction and the charter bookings have increased, meaning we are sometimes getting the boat out 6 days a week. The links between the local businesses and our services are becoming stronger and we are each using each other to promote our schedules and events. Volunteers at Birdswood provide a vital input to the thriving community.

Schools have been coming forward to access our specially designed education packages and linking partnerships with the Education Officer at Arkwright Society has enabled us to provide a whole days entertainment around the Mills and Wharf. This has in turn increased our interest from other families in the area.
It’s for this reason that we are crying out for new people to consider becoming crew members.


There are so many roles involved, from talking to customers, serving teas and coffees, walking the tow path and opening the swing bridge. All training provided and you even get your own Crew Member T-shirt.

We have several men and ladies on the team now and a few husband and wife members who like to have the pleasure of being on duty together. Outside of the normal boat roles there are cleaning parties and general maintenance to be done. Not forgetting the social aspect, we do try and all meet regularly and I for one have made some great friends. We occasionally leave our uniforms at home and wear themed costumesVoluntees at Birdswood - Team Santa

Come take a trip and a tour yourself to find out more.

If you yourself are interested or may know of a friend or family member please pass on my contact details.

Vix Wilding 07552 055455

Help in the Shop

Sales in the shop have been steady and many members of the public have come in to make enquiries about Birdswood and the FCC. It’s an excellent addition to the Wharf and the charity. Some of the members of the FCC make handmade items that we now sell in the shop. One of the members, Trina, paints pots, bowls, cups, spoons, flower pots, key racks and mirrors. All of these are painted in the original canal art style. The products have become very popular, as they are beautiful. Other items in the shop include handmade necklaces and earrings, horseshoe hearts and a variety of pots and ornaments made by our very own Liz Tatam, the other half of our archivist Hugh Potter. There are also the wood turned items that are always in stock.

Volunteers at Birdswood and the shopThere are souvenirs from FCC and Birdswood, also various knitted and quilted items are now in stock, subject to availability! The opening hours are 10am-5pm, when the boat is running so we started off with Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday. Sales figures have been increasing as people learn where we are. The main difficulty is advertising as no signs or banners can be erected due to the historical listing of the building. We hope to be able to financially sustain ourselves through the coming year.

As you can imagine this requires more volunteers to help promote the history of the canal and our charity, while selling the odd item too. If you have a passion for the area and are happy to talk to people about it, please get in touch. Tea and Coffee supplied!


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